10 Emily

° 27-04-2009 Mare Bay Holstein Medium Vat


Emily is an 8-year-old bay mare. She was bred by Manfred von Allwoerden and bought as a foal by Stoeterij Duyselshof. This mare is showing a lot of blood, is careful, quick by nature and is in prize-givings regularly. Emily is showed by Niclas Parmler at 1m35 level and for sure has potential for the future.


Emily is a daughter of the stallion Cristo who has in his pedigree 2 modern Holsteiner damlines from Contender ( with offspring like Contendro, Checkmate and Montender) and Carthago (with offspring like Mylord Carthago, Cardino, Old Chap Tame and Colato R). Cristo originates from damline 1859.


Emily’s dam is the Holsteiner mare Frederica II (s. Calando I x Landgraf I x Farnese) originating from Holsteiner damline 5421. She has several offspring performing at 1m40 level.

Cristo Contender Calypso II
Gala II Carthago
Frederica II Calando I Cor de la Bryère
Ophelia Landgraf I